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Clip-On Return

We are initiating a voluntary product recall on all Gen 1 and Gen 2 Clip-On handlebars. The recall is due to a potential for product failure due to stress corrosion cracking.

What to do next?
Follow the instructions below for identifying your model of Clip-On. If you have either of the effected models you should stop using them immediately and return them to us for a free replacement set.

Free of charge Return
To return your Clip-Ons we are providing free shipping. Simply fill out the Returning Clip-Ons form, you will then be emailed details of how to obtain the free shipping label. Once we receive your old Clip-Ons we will ship your new Clip-Ons.

For more information about this recall please checkout the FAQ

Identifying your Clip-Ons

Gen 1

gen1 Return

Must be returned if Week/Date code is older than 31 17 or blank
See FAQ #21 for explanation

  • Conventional design
  • 39mm Offset
  • Launched 2009

Gen 2

gen2 Return

These Clip-Ons must be returned

  • Screw mounted arm design
  • 2 Screws on front
  • 20mm Offset
  • Launched 2013

Gen 3


These Clip-Ons are not affected and can continued to be used

  • Threaded arm design
  • 20mm Offset
  • Launched 2017