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Rear Chainwheel Carrier

The two piece Renthal® Rear Chainwheel and carrier system Carrier system is a replacement for the OEM Ducati one piece steel sprocket.

Once fitted, the carrier allows you to quickly change your rear sprocket without having to remove the rear wheel, hub, spindle or carrier. The Renthal®  Rear Chainwheel Carrier is a one time investment leading to much reduced running costs and maintenance down time thereafter. The Renthal Carrier accepts Renthal chainwheels of variety of chain pitches and tooth sizes. Machined from billet aluminium, a Renthal Carrier combined with the Renthal Chainwheel is 66% lighter than the Ducati OE steel version. This equates to just over a 0.5kg savings.

For the best way to find the correct Rear Chainwheel Carrier for your model, use our Fit My Bike feature.

Allows you to change your rear chainwheel without having to remove the carrier from the hub.
Each Chainwheel Carrier that leaves Renthal's engineering facilities in the UK is individually CNC machined to the tightest possible tolerances, ensuring an accurate and reliable fit.
Constructed out of ultralight weight 6082 T6 aluminium means the unit is as strong but much lighter than OE solutions.
The Renthal Rear Chainwheel Carrier has a clear anodised finish that increases durability.

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