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Original Series

Renthal® Street GripTech™ : Original Series are available in three distinct advanced compounds, each with unique interaction and longevity characteristics.

Light grey soft grips. Grey medium grips. Dark grey firm grips.

Each grip offers a different level of shock absorption to suit a variety of riding conditions and individual style. All come with Renthal's proven diamond pattern.

Useful Original Series Links
Moto / Off-Road Original Series
Original Series Grip Tech takes our championship winning single shot design and provides riders with a vast number of options. With 3 compounds to choose from there's a grip for anyone amongst the Original Series range.
Renthal's unique compounds ensure the grips you choose are the best for you. Whether you require a softer grip for shock absorption or a harder grip for durability, Renthal has the perfect grip for you.
All Renthal Road grips are designed with an open end, This allows for easy fitment of bar ends and bar end weights.

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