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845 STREET MEDIUM (Touring)

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845 STREET MEDIUM (Touring)

New in 2017, the Fatbar Street range, tailored for the street rider. 

The 845-50 Street Medium Fatbar is modelled around our popular 755-01 Road Medium. Like the Road Medium, the Street Medium has over 100mm (4”) of sweep creating a relaxed ride with instinctive control without fuss of body mass transfer. The narrow bar (733mm/29”) is ideal for negotiating town traffic and the 118mm (4+5/8”) of height offers the rider an upright position for a good view of the road.

The Fatbar Street range is offered in two colours (Black or Gold).

Renthal Road Bar Ends can be fitted to the Street Fatbar. The Bar Ends can be used to extend the grip length if required, or as a sleek finishing touch.

The Fatbar Street range is not compatible with the Renthal aftermarket Road Brace range.

The Fatbar pad being largely superfluous for street machines is omitted, offering savings for the street rider. However, the Fatbar pads can be order in a range of colours and sizes should one be desired.
Bar Dimensions
Width / Dim A 733
Height / Dim B 118
Rise / Dim C 78
Clamping Width / Dim D 105
Sweep / Dim E 104
Control Length / Dim F 200
Dim G
Height / Dim Bv 118
Mounting Diameter 28.6 / 1-1/8

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