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Original Series ATV Grips

Renthal ATV grips are available in a variety of patterns, styles and advanced rubber compounds to suit the individual needs of every rider.

All of the ATV grips feature a smaller inner flange to allow for clearance of the thumb throttle and closed ends.

Original Series Grip Tech takes our championship winning single shot design and provides riders with a number of options. With 3 compounds to choose from there's a grip for anyone amongst the Original Series range.
Renthal's unique compounds ensure the grips you choose are the best for you. Whether you require a softer grip for shock absorption or a harder grip for durability, Renthal has the perfect grip for you.
Designed specifically for ATV applications, Renthal ATV Grip Tech use a small flange around the thumb and a closed end. Both grips are 7/8" (22.2mm) diameter for use with a thumb throttle.
The full diamond design provides riders with an even surface interface between motorcycle and grip.

The diamond design provides the most grip out of the original series range.
Incorporating a full diamond design with a waffle pattern at the finger tips contacts patch. This provides additional mud clearance in a key area whilst not effecting the palm.

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