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36Tech Bar Mounts

36TECH™ is a new handlebar standard developed by Renthal to push the boundaries of handlebar technology. It uses a 36mm clamping diameter.

36Tech™ bar mounts are designed to be used in conjuction with Fatbar®36 handlebars to create the ultimate rider control

36TECH™ is a new handlebar standard developed by Renthal to push forward the boundaries of handlebar technology. The 36mm clamping diameter tapers down to a conventional 22mm control section at each end, using advanced wall geometry, maximising material efficiencies in wall thickness along the entire length of the handlebar to reduce weight.
The handlebar clamping surfaces are accurately machined. This ensures a perfect fit between the handlebar and clamp which reduces possible movement. Available in different offsets and anodised to prevent corrosion.
To minimise the chance of bolt failure, special attention has been paid to the design. The unique bolt head is designed with a part hemispherical seating blended into the shank. The bolt is plated and de-embrittled to resist corrosion. A stainless steel spring dowel pin prevents rotation when tightening.
Both the clamps and the bolts are carefully CNC machined at the Renthal Factory.

Taking a billet of material our CNC machines using various tools machine away material leaving the final product ready for finishing.
The clamps are CNC machined using a high strength 6082 T6 Aluminium alloy. The bolts are CNC machined from nickel chromium molybdenum 817M40 steel that is both hardened and tempered to grade 'W'. Corresponding to an ultimate tensile strength of 1075-1225 N/mm or 70-80 Ton/in.

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