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Comfort MX Grips

Renthal Comfort MX Grips are your ultimate solution to an unparalleled riding experience. Precision engineered with rider comfort in mind the Comfort Pattern is a game-changer designed to elevate your riding adventures. Available in the standard Dual Compound material Soft(outer) and Firm(inner) as well as Renthal’s unique R-Works Grip Compounds Aramid and Ultratacky.

Renthal Comfort Pattern MX Grips take your riding pleasure to new levels while utilizing Renthal’s revised yet familiar Dual Compound design. A firm inner and soft outer compound are combined with the meticulously crafted Comfort Pattern to ensure optimal pressure dispersion across the palm thus reducing strain during long rides.

Experience the joy of extended rides and explore uncharted routes without the worry of discomfort. Comfort Pattern Grip’s ergonomic design coupled with its superior shock-absorption capabilities and Renthal’s renowned grip compounds create a synergy that transforms your motorcycle into an extension of your body.

Say goodbye to hand fatigue and jarring impacts as Renthal Comfort Pattern Grips feature ergonomically designed ErgoDiamond Vibration Dampers across the entire contact patch.
The all new ProFlange has been created to specifically reduce inboard thumb abrasion based on extensive rider feedback
Renthal Comfort Pattern Grips incorporate Tuff End Tech. The revised dual compound chassis features a hardened end cap that can withstand frequent tip overs without compromise to deliver maximum enjoyment for the duration of their life.
The unique properties of the Ultratacky™ compound provide a stronger bond to the handlebar, meaning you are able to control the bike with less physical input.

The sticky surface lasts the lifetime of the grip. If it loses stickiness, simply wash with clean water and air dry to re-activate.
Featuring the most advanced grip compound to date. Millions of randomly aligned Kevlar® brand resin particles are suspended in the base material. As the grip is used, more of these particles are exposed, resisting wear whilst retaining a tacky feel. This is our ultimate grip compound.

Grips made with DuPont™ KEVLAR® brand resin
KEVLAR® is a registered trademark of E.I du Pont de Nemours and Company
Complete the look of your bike with the coloured grips. Available in a range of colours to match all of the current motocross machines. Black, Blue, Orange and Red.

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