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Grip Tech Fitting Instructions

It is important when installing Renthal grips that you use Renthal grip glue. Other brands of glue may react with the rubber compound in the Renthal grips and destroy the grip. This is especially important when installing Renthal soft compound grips.

Once you have removed your old grips, make sure to clean the area on the left side of the bar and the throttle tube with a spray solvent to remove any residual glue or contaminants.

Here’s a little trick from the factory mechanics to keep the grip glue out of the throttle tube side. Since many OEM throttle tubes have a small hole in the end which could let grip glue get in, simply take any thick sticker and cut it into a circle to place over this hole. This keeps the glue from entering and will prevent the throttle from sticking!

Now you're ready to install the grips. Coat the inside of the grips sparingly with the Renthal grip glue. Too much and it will just ooze out everywhere making a mess. As you slide the grip into position, pull the lip of the grip upwards allowing the air to escape. This will prevent any pockets of air getting trapped in the grip and will help prevent the end of the grip from blowing out. Once the grip is slid all the way on, give it a spin to help distribute the glue evenly.

Now would be the time to safety wire the grips to give them an extra safety feature against any type of movement. This is especially important if you ride in wet conditions or are using the Renthal soft compound grips. We recommend using a double wrap of safety wire in three evenly spaced locations across the grip. Make sure the ends of the safety wire are positioned at the bottom of the grip and tapped flush with a hammer to prevent contact with your hands.

Once the grips have been safety wired and glued, let the glue dry for at least 8 hours before riding. Install your grip Donutz to prevent blisters on the thumbs and you’re ready to ride.