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  • RC-1 Sports Brake Pad BP-529-HHP

RC-1 Sports Brake Pad BP-529-HHP

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This part number is for ONE caliper only.

108.8 x 40.2 x 7.4

Sintered Braking Technology

A premium, high performance sintered metal brake pad with excellent wet and dry braking power.

Designed specifically for sportbike applications.

Renthal RC-1 Sport Brake Pads are the choice where maximum stopping power, progressive feel, no brake fade and quick bed in time are important considerations.

• Sintered metal compound eliminates brake fade

• Formulated for quick bed in and immediate response

• High tech ceramic heat shield reduces heat transfer from the pad to the brake fluid

• Inter granular graphite structure prevents brake noise

• Front brake pads use a high performance, HH+ rated compound


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The clamps are installed over the small diameter section of the handlebar and slid into the centre, giving a 240° wrap of the handlebar. The zero-gap lower clamp ensures maximum support of the handlebar, in this critical zone.
The Apex stem is fully CNC machined from solid billet. All unnecessary material is removed to minimise weight, whilst retaining maximum strength and stiffness. The unique handlebar clamping system opens up the front of the stem, allowing an oversize centre bore, to increase stiffness and strength.
The Renthal Apex is fully CNC machined from a solid billet of 2014 aluminium with 7075 aluminium clamps. These materials and their heat treatment processes have been specifically chosen for this application, to give the highest strength and durability.
The Apex is available in a huge range of sizes, from the shortest possible 31mm (33mm in Apex 35) in 10mm increments all the way up to 90mm. Additionally, the Apex can be fitted either way up, to give either 6° rise or a 6° drop.
The Apex has been used with great success in the Enduro World Series. Already five Enduro World Series overall champion titles have been won, with countless individual event victories along the way.