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Twinwall® Fitting Instructions

How to fit Renthal® Twinwall® Handlebars

Fitting a set of Renthal® Twinwall® Handlebars is a relatively simple task, that in most cases does not require a change in bar mounts. Before starting this installation ensure the throttle, brake, clutch and any switches are removed. Besure to check out the Twinwall® Fitting video below for a guided step by step of how to fit Renthal® Twinwall® Handlebars

Before Fitting : Review Twinwall Important Safety Information

Time Required : 1hr

Tools Required : Torque Wrench, Hex Keys, Torx Keys, Motorcycle Manual

Step 1 : Remove controls and existing handlebar off motorcycle

Following the manufacturers suggestion remove the existing handlebar and controls off the motorcycle.

Step 2 : Fit Throttle, Brake, Clutch and Switches to the Twinwall®

In reverse order you took the parts of re-fit them to the Twinwall®. At this stage the handlebar control parts do not need to be tightened fully.

Step 3 : Fit Twinwall® into Bar Mount and position to rider setup

Place Twinwall® into the bar mounts and lightly tighten the fasteners. Position the Twinwall to the riders desired position and hold.

Step 4 : Tighten the bar mount fasteners (Do Not Exceed 18Nm)

Whilst holding the Twinwall in position apply the bar mount manufacturers torque to the mounts, remembering to not exceed 18Nm .

Step 5 : Position and tighten the control to riders preference

Move the controls and switches along the handlebar and roll them into the riders preferred position, before tightening to the correct torque

Step 6 : Fit the Renthal® Bar Pad

With the bars setup, simple feed the cover between the mounting section and the brace, slide the foam along the brace and cinch up the velcro. Ensure the Text is facing outwards to complete the Pro look.