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Fatbar®36 Fitting Instructions

How to fit Renthal® Fatbar®36 Handlebars

Fitting a set of Renthal® Fatbar®36 is a relatively simple task, that requires the removal of the motorcycles bar mounts. In addition all handlebar mounted components need to be removed prior to fitting Fatbar®36.

Before Fitting : Review Fatbar®36 Important Safety Information

Time Required : 1hr

Tools Required : Torque Wrench, 6mm Hex Key, Motorcycle Manual

Step 1 : Mounting 36mm Bar Mounts

Mount and torque each of the bottom half of the bar mounts as per motorcycle owner’s manual

Step 2 : Fit Fatbar®36 to bottom bar mounts

Place Ø36 handlebar between bar mounts

Step 3 : Place top mounts over handlebar

Place top caps over bar and lightly tighten the zero gap screw in each clamp

Step 4 : Adjust the Handlebar Position

Adjust the handlebar to your desired riding position.

Step 5 : Torque ZeroGap™ Fasteners

Torque zero gap screw in each clamp to 18Nm(max)

Step 6 : Torque Non-ZeroGap™ Fasteners

Torque the opposite screws on the bar mounts to 18Nm(max) and fit bar pad

Fatbar®36 Fitting Video