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The RL1 Works Perch is a lightweight lever assembly engineered for extreme durability and smooth operating action.

Designed and created from a passion for providing championship winning riders the tools required to succeed.

Bringing together the work of Renthal's world class engineering team along with feedback from the come of the worlds best motocross teams, the RL1 Works Perch is the ultimate in rider control.

Renthal® RL1 Works Levers : Race Control

Forged Lever

Each lever blade is constructed from an 6082 Aluminium forging that is CNC machined for the perfect fit and heat treated to T6.

CNC Perch

Constructed from 6082 T6 Aluminium the perch is a long lasting, durable and elegently smooth housing for the lever blade.

On-the-fly adjuster

Renthal's On-the-fly adjuster enables riders to make sensitive adjustment to the clutches biting point with ease.

Reach adjuster

This simple development answers and age old issue of customisation of levers. The adjuster can be used to increase or decrease the reach of the lever enabling a personalised feel to each RL1 Works perch

Nylon Sleeve

The nylon sleeve is fitted between the perch and the handlebar, this allows the perch to rotate in a crash, thus preventing any damage tothe lever. Rotate round and continue on.

Rubber Shroud

Each RL1 Works perch features the same hard wearing, heavy duty rubber shrouds as used by Professional Motocross racers. The shroud protects the integrity of the lever and prevents dirt getting into the mechanisms

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