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A premium high strength offroad chain with excellent impact load resistance, designed specifically to withstand the stress found in off road applications. This chain is the choice where a combination of high strength, light weight and maximum power transfer are important considerations.

Renthal R1 Chain : Ultimate durability and performance

Shot Peened

The Steel plates are shot peened to give them a high tensile strength and maximum impact load resistance.

Chamfered Links

The Inner links are chamfered, this process helps reduce the chance of chain derailment in the toughest conditions.

Chromised Pins

Specifically for the off-road market, the bearing pins are chromised, giving them excellent resistance to wear in the gritty conditions endured in off-road racing.*

Pre-formed Bushings

Distribute the load, resulting in greater chain life. The bushings extended to reduce friction between inner and outer link plates, maximising power output.

Special Finish

The gold side plates have a corrosion resistant plating that provides it with an attractive colour to match all motorcycles.

Perfect Match

Pair with any Renthal Chainwheel and get the maximum power at the rear wheel with an extended life for both chain and chainwheels.


Each chain includes a masterlink and a pair of latex gloves for mess free installation.

*420-R1 chain does not have chamfered inner links

The R1 chain is available in three different sizes for a variety of applications, 520, 428 and 420, average tensile strength is as follows,

  • R1-520 - 7644 lbf
  • R1-428 - 4609 lbf
  • R1-420 - 4271 lbf
Chain Pitch Motocross 2 Stroke Motocross 4 Stroke Trials
420 85cc 150cc 250cc
428 150cc 230cc 400cc
520 250cc 450cc 400cc

If your offroad bike does not fall between these cc ranges please try our R3 O-ring chain.

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