Bar Pads

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When you’re as obsessed as we are about the quality of our products, no detail is too small to overlook. Even the Renthal bar pads have evolved over the years with a close attention to functionality, looks and durability.

The Renthal bar pad features an injection molded foam which offers better impact protection and increases the lifespan of the pad. Another benefit of the injection molding process is a better fit on the crossbrace which helps decrease movement during use and provides better rider protection in the event of an impact.

The ultra-thick vinyl cover is back printed to help prevent fading and keep the pad looking sharp longer.

We offer handlebar pads in a variety of sizes and colors to suit every application and style.

  • SX pads measure 240mm long and are standard equipment on our 7/8” and Twinwall handlebars.
  • Mini SX pads measure 205mm and are standard equipment on all our 7/8” mini MX, Twinwall mini MX and 7/8” ATV handlebars.
  • Fatbar handlebar pads are designed to be used exclusively with our Fatbar handlebars.
  • We also offer a few specialty pads for the Trials market which are smaller in length and diameter for both 7/8” and Fatbar trials handlebars.
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